Monika Podsiadło

Monika Podsiadło has worked in the public relations industry since 2009. She is an experienced consultant and specialises in executing consumer and educational projects, also involving opinion leaders. 

She gained her professional experience by delivering a number of projects for brands such as BRITA, Lornamead (CD and Lornamead), Bacardi – Martini, Carlsberg Polska (Okocim and Grimbergen), Electrolux, Soda Stream, Netto and Złote Tarasy. She completed many educational projects. Among all, she was responsible for the ‘Breathe through your nose, breathe better’ campaign for the Otrivin brand and for activities as part of the fifth edition of the ‘Mom, Dad, I prefer water!’ Żywiec Zdrój brand campaign. 

In her work, she uses modern tools to generate reach and centres communication around creating valuable and engaging content, also with the participation of brand ambassadors. She actively implements new solutions that drive effectiveness. 

She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the University of Warsaw and currently studies Management at the Warsaw School of Economics.