Comprehensive communication and strategic consulting for the largest retail chain in Poland

25 years on the Polish market, over 3000 shops located in more than 1100 towns in Poland, 67 thousand employees – these are impressive numbers, aren’t they?  We are talking about Biedronka, the largest retail chain in Poland. In 2019, H+K faced the challenge of how to effectively support the leader of the retail sector and how to enrich its communication with new proposals for activities and formats? For that purpose, we developed a communication strategy for the client based on key messages and concepts that strongly engage the media and content consumers.

From the very beginning of our cooperation, we have been responsible for comprehensive coordination of the client’s press office, strategic consulting on activities carried out and creative proposals for additional activations enhancing the creation of a positive brand image.

So far, we have communicated the openings of the network’s ultra-modern and pro-environmental outlets in Warsaw and Gdynia, with the latter taking place during the post COVID-19 period. Therefore, we took journalists on a virtual tour of the new store, which resulted in numerous publications in business, industry, and general information media. We also organized several media briefings, e.g. to celebrate the appointment of a customer ombudsman or to mark the Christmas offer launch. We ensure regular communication of the product offer, promotion of fresh fruit and vegetables, loyalty programs and CSR initiatives of our Client. We also assist the brand in any potential crisis issues.

The time of the COVID-10 pandemic has particularly affected the operations of all retail chains and forced the introduction of new solutions, as well as a completely new approach – H+K supported Biedronka, providing strategic advice on building external, internal and crisis communication to customers, stakeholders and employees alike. At that particular time, when the entire Biedronka team played such a significant societal role for Polish consumers, we worked hand in hand with the Client to ensure smooth and effective communication every day, supporting the brand’s concern for the safety and health of each customer and employee.

Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods

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