Building a global brand for a premium fintech

In 2022, Channel VAS, a global fintech based in Dubai and Athens, with operations in emerging markets accross Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, challenged H+K with a corporate rebranding to Optasia (Greek: Vision).

Optasia is an important player in the fintech revolution taking place in emerging markets across the circumpolar band, from South America to Africa (where it is the sector leader in sub-Saharan countries) to the Arabian Peninsula and Asia. The company, which specializes in underwriting & credit risk assessment, supports banks and Mobile Network Operators in lending. Thanks to it’s significant position on the markets where it operates, Optasia is fundamental to the digital transformation of the booming economies in emerging markets and opening access to the financial world for the unbanked.

The change of the brand name and visual identity was an important caesura in the company’s history. It was intended to mark the progress in the evolution of its business over more than 10 years of operations, to illustrate Optasia’s dominant position in the markets where the company operates, and to communicate its capabilities and ambitions for the future. The company was keen to keep the ribbon in the logo, which symbolically illustrates the company’s mission: increasing financial inclusion.

The project aimed at company’s global rebranding in 30 markets was carried out by an international team combining consultants from H+K in Poland and Spain (led by the Financial Services team in Warsaw). Our task was to provide strategic advisory on the rebranding communications, including developing the creative platform and narrative, defining the new brand archetype and designing Optasia’s logo, brand book and related assets in graphic form. We advised the company on how to tell the new brand story in a way that was appealing and relevant to key stakeholders, both internal and external.

Optasia’s new branding made its debut in Barcelona at the 2022 Mobile World Congress.

Sector: Technology

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