Kropla Beskidu: Mum, I’m thirsty!

aka How to talk about the product via a child’s voice?

H+K, in cooperation with Kropla Beskidu, has created a unique educational campaign ‘Mum, I’m thirsty!’. Pregnant women were the addressee of this emotional project and the voice of the campaign belonged to… the unborn babies in their bellies. They reminded their mums that sufficient hydration is crucial in this special period of their lives. In the campaign, we managed to combine the promotion of one of the brand’s vital characteristics with its educational aspect, thanks to which an important message was directed to future mums and their babies.

The works on the first stage of the campaign were focused on checking the future mums’ knowledge about the proper hydration during pregnancy. The results did not prove groundbreaking to us… at the initial stage of the ‘Mum, I’m thirsty!’ campaign, 60% of the surveyed women did not realize the importance of a proper hydration during pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to the survey, conducted for Kropla Beskidu in association with research institute Kantar Millward-Brown, future mothers often looked for information on the subject online, but as many as 30% of them did not find answers to their questions. This convinced us to create a campaign with a strong educational message addressed to future mothers.

In order to show women that they should listen to what their future kid has to “say”, we introduced a creative platform ‘Mum, I’m thirsty’, whose very form related to what message a baby wanted to pass on to its mum. The word ‘mum’ released an emotional potential of the campaign, whereas the second part of its name (‘I’m thirsty’) constituted a call to action for all future mums: namely, that they should remember to hydrate themselves and their babies. To emphasize the educational dimension of the campaign, we invited the Polish Society of Midwives (PTP) to cooperate with us and we organized special workshops in Tylicz – the place where Kropla Beskidu has its source. During the workshops, a dietician and a water sommelier discussed the properties of water and its influence on human body. At the meeting, together with the group of midwives, we created educational materials for future mums. Then, from the gathered women, we selected project ambassadors to represent the campaign. With the help of PTP, we also distributed 3,000 boxes among pregnant women, containing educational materials, a wristband reminding them to drink water and the bottles of Kropla Beskidu.

We cooperated with 12 parenting bloggers, who managed to reach as many as 450,000 readers with their message. With a chosen Mum-doctor, we created ‘Mum, I’m thirsty’ video, in which we presented the key information about the proper hydration during pregnancy. Together with the selected microinfluencers, we also organized a photo contest on Instagram aiming to promote the habit of drinking water during pregnancy. At the same time, we were also involved in the standard PR activities, which reached a group of over 5,000,000 recipients through general, lifestyle and industry media.

‘Mum, I’m thirsty’ is the voice of a child, reminding its mother, that, in spite of the fact it has not been born yet, it already needs her assistance in the proper functioning and healthy growth. Through the campaign, we not only provided pregnant women with the essential knowledge, but also reached 12,000 midwives from every region of Poland. They became equipped with comprehensive knowledge that has remained with them ever since. Thanks to this, we truly believe that the message of the ‘Mum, I’m thirsty!’ campaign is still reaching the next mothers-to-be, and every year it has a positive impact on the health of thousands of children across Poland!

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