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Tailor made communications for the biggest furniture group in Poland

A house is much more than just 4 walls. It is mostly people who create it and put their heart and effort into making its unique atmosphere and positive emotions. Being an interior designer of your own four walls undoubtedly brings out joy, but it may also become a challenge for some individuals. Consumers are confronted with many dilemmas – what colour? what design? what theme? – are just some of the questions they have to answer. With help comes Black Red White – the largest furniture group in Poland, producer and distributor of furniture and interior design articles. But how do you convince consumers that a furniture manufacturer can be an advisor to help turn a vision into reality?

Black Red White needed a tailor-made communication, full of advice and inspiration, which can be used by clients who are in the process of arranging their house or apartment. Our goal was to position the brand as the one that sets trends and guides the client through the entire interior design process. A promotional campaign for upholstered furniture, which is an important category of products available in showrooms, has become a pretext for this.

Our aim was to provide a handful of inspiration for consumers and to highlight the wide range of upholstered furniture – their style, compliance with the latest trends and versatility. As a result, a guide for arranging a comfortable home “Live Comfortably” was created, which consisted of furniture proposals and comments from experts – psychologists or interior magazine editors. The catalogue was available on the official BRW website and was sent to the media as part of the creative dispatch, which also included a cup, a blanket and a patchwork pillow made of various fabrics, thus emphasizing the selection of as many as 295 fabrics.

Inspiring and following trends was one of the distinguishing features for Black Red White, that’s why we have proposed to create the first ever Trendbook showing what will be on top in interior design in the next season. In its creation, we involved well-known experts from the interior design industry, who supported us in terms of content and participated in the selection of key trends. Since then, every year the Client has been preparing new editions of his own Trendbook.

As a part of our long-term cooperation with the client, the brand was mentioned not only in the key media writing about interior design (Cztery Kąty, Dobre Wnętrze, Moje Mieszkanie, M jak Mieszkanie), but also in the lifestyle press and on women’s portals (Pani Domu, Przyjaciółka, Glamour, Relations from the “unboxing” of creative dispatches also appeared on the most widely used social profiles of editorial offices and journalists.

Sector: Retail + Leisure

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