Facebook:  Community City Guide – Krakow 

A culinary guide of the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomy Culture  

H+K Warsaw organised the Polish edition of the global Facebook Community Guides campaign for Facebook Poland. The Facebook Community Guides project are guides written by representatives of the Facebook community, in which group leaders present a unique view of their region. After publication of the Portuguese, Norwegian and Russian editions, it was time for Poland. As part of the campaign, we focused on what appeals the most about Poland, namely Poles’ attachment to tradition and hospitality. As Krakow was dubbed the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomy Culture, we decided to create a culinary guide of Krakow. We took advantage of the potential of Facebook community, which focuses on food in Krakow.

H+K Warsaw invited Polish culinary groups on Facebook to cooperate. Several months of work on lists and reviews of the best food establishments in Krakow resulted in a story in six chapters: Polish cuisine, Let’s eat out, Vegetables in Krakow, Coffee and Cake, Outdoors and Culinary Events. The guide was designed to appeal to a wide audience, both young people who like traditional cuisine, as well as vegetarians and tourists. With the latter in mind, the book was published in a bilingual version. To give the publication an artistic touch, Facebook approached graphic designer Pilar Rojo and a photographer from Krakow Kamil A. Krajewski to work on its visual aspect. The guide was published by the Krakow Foundation of Visual Arts, which published books on art that won awards around the world.

It premiered on 26 July 2019 at one of Krakow’s most fashionable cafés, Café Manggha. The book sold out in only three days after its premiere, and several dozen publications followed the meeting with the media. The Mayor of Krakow took great interest in and supported this initiative, and announced that Facebook had become the Name Partner of the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomy Culture.

Currently, the Cityguides.fb.com website is very popular, and not only with residents of Krakow.

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