Local face of Facebook

Local Face of Facebook is a campaign created to show how Facebook is present in the everyday life of Poles and at the same time to present how its tools are used by different communities. 

Facebook in Poland primarily stands for Groups, and more than half of Polish users belong to at least ten of them. They share there everything they love, what fascinates or saddens them. We decided to tell the story of several groups that actively affect the lives of tens of thousands of people, showing their way from a small online community to their activities in the offline world, where they really change the world around them.

We chose six communities among which there were lovers of rural life, active grandmothers, zero waste practitioners, retro style enthusiasts, enterprising mums and young skateboarders. A short reportage about each of them was published on the Polish Facebook page. Interesting stories of the groups were told by their administrators in interviews for the Polish edition of Elle, for a national radio station, and in the morning program of one of the popular TV programs.

Sector: Technology

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