Galderma: Perfect make-up to visit the doctor 

Beauty influencers promoting the acne campaign 

HK Warsaw created the ‘Perfect make-up to visit the doctor’ campaign for Galderma, aimed at addressing the topic of rosacea in a world dominated by beauty. The mission of the campaign was also to increase awareness of the disease, draw attention to its unobvious symptoms, and encourage Poles to consult a dermatologist.
One of the two main pillars of the campaign were workshops for influencers, conducted by a dermatologist, a dietitian and a psychologist. Well-known speakers talked about the causes, factors exacerbating symptoms, proper care and treatment, as well as about a diet supporting therapy and the psychological and social aspects of the disease. There was also the unique opportunity to have make-up imitating rosacea done. The guests used their Instagram profiles and blogs to share photos of the symptoms of the disease, and published reports from the workshops and new information about the condition.

The second pillar of the campaign was conducting a ‘Morning with rosacea’ social experiment together with actress Ela Romanowska. It involved a well-known woman posing as a sick person. After having make-up done, the actress went about her daily routine, which involved appearing in public. Ela Romanowska was accompanied by a camera that recorded the reactions of people she met to her appearance: the overly inquisitive glances, whispers or surprise of passers-by. Then, the actress shared her experiences and thoughts on the morning spent with rosacea in front of the camera.

H+K Warsaw focused primarily on social media. As part of the campaign, we managed to generate 15,618 reactions and 426 comments, reaching 225,745 views on Insta Stories and blog posts, and 104,704 post views on Instagram and Facebook. The buzz generated on the Internet caused an online thing to spread to offline, and information on the ‘metamorphoses’ of influencers and Ela Romanowska were picked up by popular women’s portals, like, and TVP2’s ‘Question for breakfast’. The campaign ultimately increased the number of people consulting rosacea symptoms with a doctor.

Sector: Health + Wellness
Office: Warsaw

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