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How to talk to children about alcohol?

“Won’t you have a drink with me?” – is a question that each of us has probably heard at least once in our lives. According to research carried out by, every second young adult drinking non-alcoholic beer is persuaded by others to change it to one with alcohol content. This is a great pressure, especially for young people entering adulthood and shaping their character and worldview.

The aim of the next round of the Stay Upright campaign carried out by H+K Strategies Poland for Grupa Żywiec was to support parents in preventing premature alcohol initiation of teenagers as well as bringing up children to responsible attitudes related to alcohol in adult life. In the past years, with the support of experts in various fields, including specialists in psychology, sociology, addiction therapists, educators and tutors working with young people on a daily basis, a guide for parents “How to talk to a children about alcohol” was created.

This time, based on insights from the observation of the target group, its expectations, behaviors and presence in the social media space, H+K Strategies Poland offered the client a new, refreshed approach to communication. We focused primarily on creating our own content in a modern form. Already 27% of Polish Internet users are listening to podcasts and according to expert forecasts, the number of listeners worldwide will continue to grow dynamically.

Therefore, as part of the campaign, we focused on publishing content in the form of podcasts and video-podcasts prepared in formats for publication on Instagram (also IGTV), Facebook and YouTube. We have raised topics of particular interest to parents, which we have taken i.a. from the “Parents of Teenagers” Facebook group which has over 30,000 users and is the largest community of teenage parents in the Polish Internet. The content, which is interesting from the perspective of the target group, as well as video formats adapted to particular channels, made podcasts and video podcasts heard and watched by over 11,000 users.

But that’s not all. To increase the reach and substantive value of the Stay Upright, we invited ambassadors to our campaign – people who have knowledge and experience in raising children and who are authorities among Polish parents. Among them was once again the parenting blogger Natalia “Nishka” Tur and an expert, psychologist Dr Aleksandra Piotrowska, who was responsible for the substantive part of the campaign. Dr Aleksandra Piotrowska is an appreciated expert and TV personality, while Natalia Tur is a well-known parenting blogger and influencer who has been consistently building and supporting the community of teenage parents for years.

The guide for parents on how to talk to their child about alcohol was the main point of the campaign, so to make it easier for parents to absorb the information it contains, and at the same time, to make its content even more accessible, we created its more handy form. We shared excerpts from the guide with key tips in the campaign channels in the form of simple graphics profiled for quick browsing on the phone and sharing in social media.

The Internet, friends and fast-changing reality make teenagers more and more independent and rely on the opinions of their peers. However, still the parents remain the authority for them and that’s why it’s extremely important to educate parents to communicate with their child about the responsibility associated with alcohol consumption. Thanks to our actions we have reached hundreds of thousands of Polish parents. Nearly 600 thousand reach of the content published by Natalia “Nishka” Tur, over 200 thousand reach with information about the campaign in the general information media and almost 20 thousand visits at – these are the numbers that allow us to believe that the message of the Stay Upright campaign reaches an increasing number of parents who consciously and fully prepared take up with their children the topic of responsible social attitudes.

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