Huawei: Photo trip to Namibia 

WOW! Were these pictures really taken with a smartphone?  

H+K Warsaw organised a press trip for Huawei to show that mobile photography has reached a level of sophistication that allows it to compete with professional cameras, and to showcase the amazing photographic potential of the latest Huawei P30 Pro phone model.

To this end, H+K Warsaw invited representatives of 14 key editorial offices from 9 markets in the region for a press trip with mobile photography workshops, which was to take place in a then yet unrevealed part of the world.  

Namibia was chosen as the destination, reputed to be the most photogenic place on Earth. This unobvious destination guaranteed richness of landscapes: from the highest cliffs and dunes to deserts, coupled with unique light conditions that play a crucial role in photography. Namibia is also the home of several ethnic groups with fascinating customs. The country was chosen as a perfect training ground for photographers due to its undiscovered beauty and cultural values that were yet to be captured in journalistic reports.

H+K Warsaw invited 14 key journalists from 9 countries in the region (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The professionals represented the most important magazines on the market, such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle. They were to publish a series of photos from the expedition under the #UndiscoveredNamibia hashtag and prepare unique self-made material for publication in magazines. The workshop host, Kristian Dowling, provided valuable support.

The event lasted four days. Each day was dedicated to a different location and focused on different camera functions and type of photography. Journalists visited, among all, the town of Katutura inhabited by the Himba tribe, the Erindi nature reserve, the village of Saan and Spitzkoppe. The press trip ended with a visit to Walvis Bay, a trip to Cape Cross (a seal colony) and a 4×4 off-road experience on the beach and through the Sandwich Harbour dunes, where wide-angle mode and photography in daylight and full sun were tested. The event was capped with Kristian Dowling’s original tutorial, consolidating the most important information about mobile photography, which was later used in post-event publications.
Sector: Technology
Office: Warsaw

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