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A reading break, aka how H+K and Kinder Mleczna Kanapka encouraged parents to reach for a book with their kid!

Going on family holidays, having chats, watching TV, playing together or reading books? Kinder Mleczna Kanapka decided to inspire parents and show them the way in which they can spend quality time with their kids. In order to do so, the brand initiated a unique project called “A reading break”, during which it gave away 40.000 books for free. Moreover, it organized a competition dedicated to local libraries – the places especially important to the local communities. The libraries were rewarded with the prizes from a pool of 10.000 new children books which enriched their stocks. H+K supported two editions of the project, in 2017 and 2019, both of them being equally exciting!

Having started a cooperation, H+K faced a challenge: how to make consumers realize the potential and power of reading with their kids, especially in these times – marked by huge amount of time spent on online entertainment? Our response to it was based on education and inspiration, within which we underlined what quality time with a kid should really mean and we encouraged parents to implement such an attitude daily.

To address these issues, we conducted an opinion poll, which indicated that 73% of the surveyed parents believe that the quality of time spent with kids is just as important as its amount1. Quality time was connoted with building up a bond with a kid (99%), being involved in the activities positively influencing their development (95%), teaching them new skills or allowing for grasping knowledge (98%)2. The respondents pointed out that they take up trips with their kids (98%) or choose to spend time on reading together or doing sports (90%).

The activities undertaken within the two editions of the project were directed to both parents and representatives of local communities. Therefore, we planned the proper steps together with female and parenting media as well as those of informational and local profiles. The latter was vital, as the competition involving local libraries was held within the project. First, the consumers submitted applications of the libraries from their region and then there was voting on those which should receive new books. So as to encourage the local media to engage into the topic, we prepared the dedicated parcels containing books. This enabled the journalists to get acquainted with the books that may soon have been received by the local library in their region. Moreover, we cooperated with experts: Marta Żysko-Pałuba (psychologist and psychotherapist), Zofia Karaszewska and Sylwia Stano (the authors of the blog “Książniczki mają zdanie”) and Michał Rusinek (literature expert and writer). They strengthened our educational message with their authority, stressing the benefits of reading with kids. They also shared suggestions about how to choose valuable books that will stimulate the kids’ imagination. This cooperation resulted in numerous publications in high-profile media.

During the second edition, we decided to use the potential of the online world, so we invited the selected group of influencers to cooperate with us. 19 parenting influencers, who value their time with kids and match the brand’s positive, heartfelt image, participated in the initiative. Their task was to prepare inspirational posts and encourage their followers to spend their spare time on reading. As a result, the information about the project reached about half a million followers!

„A reading break” was received enthusiastically – about 1000 libraries took part in each edition and they were awarded with the books and practical gadgets which make reading even more pleasant. At that time, H+K generated 1200 publications in lifestyle, informational and local media, which, in total, reached more than 9 500 000 recipients!

1 A survey conducted on a representative group by Kantar Millward Brown on behalf of Kinder Mleczna Kanapka, Warsaw, September 2017, N=1003.

2 Ibid.

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