MAX Premium Burgers: BurgerLOVE  

A daring debut of a restaurant chain on the Polish market 

H+K Warsaw helped the MAX Premium Burgers brand enter the saturated Polish fast food market and find a niche for itself.

A few months ahead of the MAX Premium Burgers launch in Poland, we carried out extensive and systematic communication activities, aimed at building brand recognition, creating excitement and fuelling it until the opening of the first restaurant in Wroclaw. Assuming that it is impossible to write about the brand’s products before trying them, we approached the leading journalists and bloggers to first have a taste of MAX, so that they can write about their first-hand experience.

At the same time, we launched dedicated social media channels in Poland for the brand and gradually built up a group of burger lovers, eagerly waiting for the opening of the first restaurant for several weeks. As a result of the activities, crowds stormed MAX on the launch day, and people started queueing up for the first burgers early in the morning.

The opening weekend turned out to be the best in terms of sales in the brand’s history, and the number of publications and consumer reach through social media ensured the brand’s exposure for many months following the launch.

The first restaurant was so successful that although it took several months to open the next restaurant, expectations were high and prompted burger fans to ask a lot of questions about the coming openings on the MAX fan page. What was the result? On the opening day of the second restaurant in Poland, the number of guests exceeded all expectations and sales continue to set new records to this day!
Sector: Food + Drink
Office: Warsaw

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