Journey through a world of coffee

Bringing coffee flavors from all over the world to your home with Siemens

Poles love the taste of coffee – as research shows, we drink it not only in the morning but also throughout the day. We reach for a cup of coffee when we want to relax with our favorite book or while chatting with friends. What is interesting, we are more and more keen to choose slightly more exquisite or unusual coffees, which we can enjoy in our preferred cafe[1].

In autumn 2019, Siemens brand introduced a new product – the EQ.500 line of coffee machines, which are distinguished by their intuitive panel, modern design and allow you to prepare various types of coffee at home.  At H+K, we faced the challenge of communicating this novelty in an unconventional and creative way, so that it stands out on the market and has an original, interesting, and engaging concept? The task was even more difficult because the coffee machine segment is saturated and competitive, and most brands use associations such as pleasure and relaxation in their communication.

Meanwhile, together with Siemens we decided to go in a different direction – the one that inspires and brings to mind the coffee flavors from across the world. In response to the challenge, we decided to organize a unique media event, at which we took our guests on an exciting and fragrant journey through a world of diverse coffee rituals they can experience in small local coffee shops. Our guests went on such a virtual trip and enjoyed Vietnamese coffee, found out what makes drinking coffee in Ethiopia special and discovered what role coffee plays in Jordan. Moreover, the guests could also learn surprising facts about the more famous versions of the popular drink, such as various types of Italian espresso.

Three famous travelers were guiding us through countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe, sharing their experiences and telling many anecdotes, of course with a cup of their favorite coffee in hand. Among them were Przemek Kossakowski, Jarosław Nowak and Łukasz Tulej. Uri Wollner, a coffee enthusiast and professional barista, introduced different methods of coffee making. In addition, we decided to involve the guests in coffee talks – and prepared a short coffee quiz, which would introduce another part of the journey and take us to another country to explore coffee rituals together.

Nearly 40 representatives of lifestyle, interior design and women’s media joined us on a journey through coffee flavors. Our guests appreciated the unusual format of the press meeting, its unconventional theme and the invitees. As a result, after the event and media relations activities, several dozen media publications came out, featuring such titles as Elle Deco, Villa, Dom i Wnętrze, Claudia, Kobieta i Życie or Magazif.


Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods

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