TransferGo: Euro Generation  

Reaching out to an unusual target group 

H+K Warsaw created a campaign which made TransferGo stand out among its competitors, celebrating the 15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union that targeted expats, a group extremely dispersed across the continent. Poles living abroad turn to different media in each country, but they don’t forget about Polish newspapers and magazines. They follow the current events in Poland and stay in touch with their families. They often don’t know what fintechs are and whether they can trust them. Cross-border payments are not an everyday service. Expats tend to send their salaries to their families once a month.

That is why it isn’t easy to build brand attachment. Banks are the main competition for TransferGo, handling 50% of all cross-border payments. Money transfer companies are also popular. Dedicated mobile apps (like TransferGo) account for about 20% of all transactions. To accustom the customers to the brand and reassure them that TransferGo is their trusted partner, in our campaign we focused not on the offer itself, but on the needs of the target group. Our task was to understand Polish expats, learn what their everyday struggles and challenges are, and connect with the Polish diaspora.

We invited journalists from Duży Format, one of the largest Polish journalistic magazines, to cooperate with us. Reporters travelled over 8,000 km, and editorial, film and editing crews worked for a total of over 900 hours. We interviewed 25 people of different ages, from various industries, each with an intriguing story about their emigration to tell. We talked to construction workers from the Arctic Circle, curators of local libraries, teachers, factory workers, and scientists. The interviews were accompanied by a BigData report, which analysed the financial effects of mass emigration on the basis of information published by Eurostat and the Central Statistical Office (GUS), as well as TransferGo’s own data (number of money transfers, amounts in individual countries).

In 10 weeks, the reach of the printed version of the ‘Euro Generation’ report by Duży Format exceeded 1.3 million users. The online versions of the reports in the special ‘Euro Generation’ section on were read by almost 170,000 users, 1/3 from outside Poland. The number of unique users in the ‘Euro Generation’ section exceeded the original KPIs by 300%. Three video reports have been viewed more than 222,000 times, which is 359% of the original KPI. The ‘Euro Generation’ campaign has had a significant impact on the number of activations by new TransferGo users from Poland. Between December 2018 and February 2019, the fintech recorded 25% monthly increases in the number of new activations.
Sector: Financial + Professional Services
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy
Office: Warsaw

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