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Because success has more than one name and taste: Success is a Blend and CHIVAS Venture

Visionaries, connoisseurs, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and philanthropists – the Chivas brothers did not close themselves off to one of the areas because they were constantly in need of new challenges. They believed that success does not come from nothing – it is only the result of hard work and consistency in action. This was also what CHIVAS’ global brand campaign “Success is a Blend” whose local edition was supported by H+K was about. Its aim was to show that success has many faces and it is created by various factors. The campaign revealed the people who were boldly reaching for their dreams with an emphasis of the fact that each of them is unique and together they create an unrepeatable blend. The campaign confirmed the conviction that success is the freedom to do what we believe in and love. It is also a composition of the opportunities used and the effort put in.

In Poland, the Ambassadors of “Success is a blend” project have been distinctive personalities, each of which is a unique individuality. What did they have in common? Undoubtedly success! In their achievements we are looking for recipes and guidelines, in their stories – the definition of success and its components. Actors Magdalena Cielecka and Maciej Musiał and journalist Jarosław Kuźniar, in October 2019, together sat on the well-known Kuba Wojewódzki couch, to bring their stories closer in order to talk about what elements make up their personal success.

The conference launching the campaign took place in the restaurant Niewinni Czarodzieje 2.0., and was an exclusive meeting. The invited guests, from the key media in Poland to popular influencers and friends of the brand, had the opportunity not only to listen to the ambassadors’ conversations or get to know the ideas of the campaign, but also to take part in a testing session of Chivas 12, 18 and XV whisky. Simultaneously with the organization of the event, H+K was responsible for communication activities for the whole local campaign which resulted in over 1500 publications about the project and reaching almost 1.3 million recipients.

Success has many faces and for everyone means something different.  According to the Chivas brand, each of us is a unique composition of values and talents that together make up a unique whole – a special blend that defines true success. Therefore, the second part of the activities around the idea of success which H+K supported, was the fifth edition of the CHIVAS Venture project. It is a competition that aims to discover and support the most promising companies that change the world for the better by solving the biggest social or environmental problems through their business activities. A manufacturer of advanced hand prostheses, a start-up producing highly efficient airborne solar collectors or a virtual reality system to help people after strokes and heart attacks – these are only examples of companies that took part in the fifth edition of the competition. Out of nearly 100 startup submissions, initially 10 were selected, followed by 5 that competed in the finals, fighting for the opportunity to represent Poland in the world final and to win a prize from million-dollar pot.

Because the Chivas Venture 2020 final coincided within the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the organizers resigned from the gala and awarded each participant with the amount of 40,000 USD. Among them was the Polish start-up MakeGrowLab, focusing on reducing the production of plastic packaging by replacing it with biodegradable material. H+K faced the challenge of how to communicate Polish success in this situation. Thanks to our work, publications on CHIVAS Venture have appeared in leading general, business and technology media, generating a total of nearly 150 publications that have reached over half a million recipients.

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