This year’s edition of Żywiec Group’s social campaign supported by Hill+Knowlton Strategies now has a new and even more digital version.

The campaign has been organised for several years, designed based on research conducted for the Żywiec Group. This year’s edition is the result of cooperation and in-depth exploration of both the client’s and the agency’s insights, which resulted in a series of podcasts and video podcasts dedicated to parents seeking information on how to raise children to instil responsible attitudes and prevent alcohol consumption by minors.

The aim of the Trzymaj Pion campaign, whose strategy concept was created by Hill+Knowlton Strategies, is to support parents in preventing premature alcohol initiation among teenagers, and raising children with responsible attitudes towards alcohol in adult life. A few years ago, the ‘How to talk to your child about alcohol’ guide for parents was released with the support of experts from various fields, including specialists in psychology, sociology, addiction therapists, and educators working with young people on a daily basis.

Thanks to insights from monitoring the target group, their expectations and behaviour, as well as being present in the social media space, H+K Strategies offered the client a new and refreshed approach to communication. The agency focused primarily on creating original content, including podcasts and video-podcasts in formats suitable for publication on Instagram (including IGTV), Facebook, and YouTube.


Parental blogger Natalia ‘Nishka’ Tur and an expert, psychologist Aleksandra Piotrowska, PhD, who was responsible for the substantive part of the campaign, became involved in this year’s edition of the Trzymaj Pion campaign. Aleksandra Piotrowska, PhD is a recognized expert and television personality. Her vast knowledge that she manages to convey in a very clear way is appreciated by parents. Natalia Tur is a well-known parenting blogger and influencer. For years, she has been building and supporting a community of parents of teenagers who appreciate her knowledge, experience and how naturally she addresses difficult issues in relationships with teenagers.

Useful tips for parents

A guide for parents on how to talk to their children about alcohol is the central point of the campaign.  In order to make it easier for parents to consolidate the information it contains, and at the same time make it even easier to access, the agency has changed its form to a handier one. Parts of the guide with key tips for parents are available in the form of simple images, suitable for quick browsing on the mobile phone and sharing on social media.

Podcasts and video-podcasts

The format ensures full use of the screen, and thus legibility of images when displayed on the smartphone screen.

With each month, podcasts are becoming more and more popularity. That is why the campaign focuses on substantive content in the form of podcasts and video-podcasts, in which topics that are of particular interest to parents are raised. Their selection was inspired, among all, by the ‘Rodzice Nastolatków’ [Parents of Teenagers] group on Facebook, administrated by Natalia ‘Nishka’ Tur. This group has over 30,000 members and is the largest community of parents of teenagers on the Polish Internet.

Podcasts and video-podcasts produced in-house by the agency. H+K Strategies in 2019 significantly expanded its competence in the production of audio and video materials. Podcasts can be recorded in a dedicated studio, on a film set or almost anywhere, thanks to their mobility. Competence in creating videos enables, among all, the production of professional video-podcasts. The created content can be used in many communication channels.

Seeing the strong trend of content consumption on mobile devices and with Instagram and IGTV users in mind, H+K Strategies also prepared a dedicated video in vertical format. This is an innovative use of visual space on the Polish market. Taking advantage of the division into various sections, we allow users not only to follow the expert’s statements, but also see the interlocutors. This allows to see their reactions and emotions. In addition, the space can be used to convey additional information: the topic of the conversation, call to action, and statistical data relevant to the topic. This solution creates completely new content distribution possibilities. The format will be used on Instagram in Instastories, short forms that can be elaborated on, e.g. on InstagramTV or YouTube. Advertising formats will prove functional here. Thanks to the ‘swipe up’ button, the user will be redirected to the full content from anywhere on the Internet.

On the part of the Żywiec Group, their Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for the campaign: Agnieszka Zakrzewska and Kamil Mirowski, headed by Magdalena Brzezińska.

Krzysztof Bukowski and Anna Grońska from the Corporate Practice team, as well as Paweł Bukowski and Arkadiusz Gadaliński from the Digital & Influencer Marketing team are responsible for cooperation with the Żywiec Group on the part of H+K, for the campaign strategy and its execution.

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