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Building a global brand for a premium fintech
Metaverse Day
Meta Rozmowy, a podcast about the new digital reality
Towards the metaverse: opportunities, promises and challenges
Facebook: Local face of Facebook
Facebook: Kwarantanna na na I Live concerts from the Polish artists’ homes

Kinder: Kinder Mleczna Kanapka

A reading break
AliExpress x Maffashion I Debut of the world e-commerce platform at the prestigious Polish designers’ show


We rediscovered Polish cities with Lime e-scooters
Facebook: Community City Guide – Krakow I A culinary guide of the 2019 European Capital of Gastronomy Culture
Biedronka: Comprehensive communication and strategic consulting
Wyborowa Pernod Ricard: CHIVAS I Because success has many names
MAX Premium Burgers: BurgerLOVE I A daring debut of a restaurant chain on the Polish market
Grupa Żywiec: Stay Upright I How to talk to children about alcohol
3M: Clash of the Grinders I Unique competition for Polish grinders
TransferGo: Euro Generation I Reaching out to an unusual target group
Wyborowa Pernod Ricard: Absolut I Love over hate - creative fight against hate
Facebook: Przestrzeń from Facebook I Good Space… on the map of Warsaw
Huawei: Photo trip to Namibia I WOW! Were these pictures really taken with a smartphone?
Galderma: Perfect make-up to visit the doctor I Beauty influencers promoting the acne campaign
Siemens: Journey through a world of coffee I How to bring coffee rituals from all over the world to your home
The Ministry of Health: ‘Prophylaxis, Man!’
Black Red White I Tailor made communications for the biggest furniture group in Poland

Ford: WheelSwap

How virtual reality can help drivers and cyclists share the road

GSK: Vaccinate For Life

Building a movement in a busy category
Kropla Beskidu: Mum, I’m thirsty!

Innovate UK: Women In Innovation

Inspiring engagement by featuring role models

HSBC: The Pioneers

Making what’s ignored universally relatable
Fighting the war on plastic with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
E.ON’s Recharge Retreat
Do Nation: Using behavioral ‘nudges’ to inspire positive change
Using relevant content to create a new best for adidas

Shell: Make the Future

Making biofuels from coffee waste a global story for Shell
adidas + Mo Salah: Building A Powerful Connection For adidas Through A Cultural Institution
Setting The Internet On Fire For Adidas

Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

An immersive experience to launch video game